Réunir ses équipes
pour un séminaire mémorable

Meet as a team, take stock of the results of the year, prepare together the objectives to be achieved… All the excuses are good to organize a seminar. Then make this moment even more pleasant for your employees by offering them an event in Arcachon. Find the ideal room, and carry out a seminar in your image from April to October!

Hotel Point France therefore helps you find the room best suited to your needs for your event. We also favor an eco-responsible attitude by only offering you places located within a restricted area, so that all your trips can be made on foot. A good stay for your health, and for Arcachon!

Qui ?

✓  Votre équipe RH

✓  Vos Commerciaux

✓  Vos Chefs de service

✓  Vos Partenaires

✓  Tous vos collaborateurs 

Où ?

✓  Sur Arcachon

✓  En centre-ville

✓  Coworking Startway

✓  Au sein de l’Hôtel

Un espace adapté à votre besoin 

Your eco-responsible seminars on the Bassin d’Arcachon

The Hotel Point France has been promoting a CSR approach for many years now. Resolutely turned towards the protection of the environment, water management and well-being, the hotel therefore surrounds itself with trusted partners to organize seminars borrowing from the values of respect for nature and people. The Bassin d’Arcachon also aims to develop sustainable tourism to preserve its exceptional ecosystem. Hôtel Point France therefore joins it, contributing on its own scale to protecting the body of water and raising awareness of the challenges of eco-tourism, including for business tourism.

Also, as part of your seminars and other professional events, we design your entire stay with respect for the Arcachon lifestyle. Your professional seminar is then designed in accordance with our commitments, while allowing you to organize your event around a very wide choice of activities.


Un programme mixte travail - loisirs pour une expérience enrichissante

Organizing a seminar in Arcachon is also the perfect opportunity to offer a mixed program to its teams. Thus, Hotel Point France asks its partners, both to find you a work room adapted to your needs, and to make you enjoy the leisure activities of the Bassin d’Arcachon. After a morning’s work, why not devote an afternoon to discovering the territory by boat, horse or bike? Or even book an evening show at the Casino, a stone’s throw from the hotel.