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What to visit around Arcachon?

Discover Arcachon during your holidays, the promise of an unforgettable stay. If you come to the Basin for the very first time, you will have the choice in your activities and outings . Indeed, the latter are not lacking, regardless of the weather. If in spring and summer, the climate is mild, even hot , visiting the emblematic places is very pleasant. Prepare your activities before, advise on the spot… We know that you will appreciate your stay!

The emblematic places to visit around Arcachon

Certain places are obligatory passages when one goes to the Bassin d’Arcachon . One of the most emblematic is undoubtedly the Dune du Pilat (1) . The largest dune in Europe offers an indescribable panorama to those who climb it. It is still necessary to climb the 102 meters which give you access to its summit. With the help of the stairs , or directly by the sand , you can quickly admire the landscape.

On one side, you will see the Bassin d’Arcachon, with the Banc D’Arguin , with the passes in the distance, where the waters of the Bassin and the Atlantic Ocean meet. As you turn around, the Landes pine forest begins as far as the eye can see.

Another emblematic place known on the screens, and in particular thanks to a saga of films, the Camping des Flots Bleus (2) . Propelled to the forefront thanks to the “Camping” films , it is now a must-visit place for all fans of Jacky, Patrick and the other characters from the film series. It is located not far from the Dune du Pilat , so it is easy to get there by car, or by city bus… or even by bike, if you are sporty!

Attractions and places to see in Arcachon

In the heart of Arcachon too, you will have the opportunity to visit unmissable places. Starting with the two Piers: Thiers and Eyrac . You cannot leave without going there, especially since the hotel gives a direct view of them. Visiting Arcachon without strolling along the seafront is also a pity, and unthinkable… Especially when staying in our Hotel, located on the front line!

In the heart of Winter Town, there are many places to visit. The Mauresque park (3) , passing in front of the magnificent typical Arcachon villas offers you a privileged view of the Bassin d’Arcachon, and enjoying a flowery green space… Ideal for relaxing with the family! If you want to take a little more height, nothing prevents you from going to the Sainte Cécile observatory (4) , a 25-meter high observation tower. Once at the top, you enjoy a 360° view of the Bassin d’Arcachon . A vantage point conducive to taking photographs, or simply admiring the landscape.

While walking in the city center of Arcachon, you will undoubtedly come across the Château Deganne, which is today the Casino of the city (5) . An original building, steeped in history, with a unique character… Make the most of your stay and discover the city! Many places are waiting for you.


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