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Company evening: what entertainment for an event?

Organizing a company party is a challenge for a leader. He must be thinking of a thousand things. Indeed, organizing a successful event first requires finding the most suitable location for the reception. A place large enough to accommodate all the guests, and which is above all well located . If you choose to organize your company party in another city, such as Arcachon, consider moving your employees. The presence of amenities such as the train, a car park, as well as nearby accommodation solutions facilitates its maintenance.

Activities and an ideal location for everyone

Who says company party also says on-site activities . Thinking about what will appeal to your employees can seem laborious. However, in the Bassin d’Arcachon, there is no shortage of solutions. Arcachon station is central, in the heart of the city. It allows you to go in a few minutes on foot to the Casino , to the restaurants on the seafront , to the central beach … But also a stone’s throw from the Hotel Point France, a hotel located on the seafront.

When the fine weather arrives, Arcachon allows you to stay close to Bordeaux, taking advantage of the ideal conditions for staying at the water’s edge. Indeed, Arcachon is a very popular seaside resort internationally!

The place of the event, the heart of the animation of a successful corporate evening

If you want to invite many employees to your company party, why not privatize a place ? Bars, restaurants and karaoke can offer this type of service during an evening, with a catering offer if necessary. This allows you to have a large enough place to receive everyone, and to be well located in town. Most of these establishments offer you services on estimate , which adapt to your needs.

If you want to propose a company evening with an exceptional place, you can also bet on a boat trip . Enjoying the sunset on a sailboat like the Côte d’Argent (1) or aboard a pinnace is a unique moment. A memory that your employees will remember for a very long time!

Entertainment, the ideal activities for company evenings

Now that you’ve found the perfect place, what about the activities ? If you know what your employees like, you will probably know which activity to turn to. In Arcachon, you can invite your team to a show . The Olympia offers shows, concerts and ballets throughout the year. A stone’s throw from the station, the hotel and the beach, having a good time before starting the business evening is ideal.

You can also organize an evening with team games to strengthen group cohesion . Team building activities, such as karaoke and team blind tests , are perfect for laughing, relaxing the atmosphere and having fun while challenging each other. This gives rhythm to the event and makes it possible to spend a pleasant evening.

Well-being, relax together

What if a company party could be a pretext for relaxation? The Bassin d’Arcachon being a privileged place for its seaside resort, well-being reigns supreme there. This happens, for example, through massages , or a moment of relaxation in a thermal center. But there are other activities to spend a fun and original time as a team, such as oyster tasting , a must in the region.

And if you want to add a manual activity, why not offer a culinary workshop ? Your employees can thus cook tasty and gourmet dishes , before tasting them. There is no shortage of activities to make your company evening a successful one and appreciated by your employees!


  1. Welcome to the Côte d’Argent, catamaran in the Bassin d’Arcachon!