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How to succeed in team building?

Successful team building is not necessarily rocket science, you just have to know where to start! For good reason, organizing a professional event is one thing, making it a success with your employees is another. In order to succeed in team building, it is necessary to prepare your project well and to work on a whole concept to provide an unforgettable experience for your employees. For an event in Arcachon, Hotel Point France accompanies you to concoct a tailor-made program for your teams.

Define the objective of the team building

Before setting off headlong on the organization of your team-building, it is important to clearly define the objective. What is the challenge of the event for the company? What results do you expect from this event? Who is concerned ? This is not necessarily the whole team, but potentially a particular function. What is the budget dedicated to the event?

Once you have clearly established the purpose and contours of this business trip, you still have to communicate well with the teams. Even before D-Day, the success of a team-building event depends on the commitment of the teams, their understanding of the subject and even their interest in the concept.

Provide a concept in line with the identity of the company, its culture, its values

Who says “event”, says “out of the office”. This is probably rule number 1 of successful team-building. If the teams need to work on their cohesion and their cooperation, it is not within the usual working environment that they will achieve this. Also, it is essential to organize your team building in a surprising, even exotic setting.

It is also ideal for offering an original format and allowing participants to take full advantage of the experience. In this case, you might as well go to the end of the reflection and work on a thematic event, in accordance with the values of the company. In Arcachon, the Syndicat Intercommunal du Bassin d’Arcachon relies, for example, on sustainable development, the experience of exclusive tourism and even local know-how. Thus, Hotel Point France organizes your team-building stays around CSR, well-being and ecology.

Depending on your desires, many themes are possible. It is for example possible to work around music and body expression; organize challenge activities to stimulate team spirit; to opt for an unusual program; to rely on original digital experiences; to turn to art to awaken creativity…

Schedule stimulating activities

The concept of team-building consists in particular in meeting a professional objective but without a work session. In reality, we focus more on activities, hobbies that solicit human motors according to the aspects that the event seeks to improve. Thus, to be successful in team-building, it is necessary to adopt a program that arouses the interest of the participants in order to avoid the refractory. To do this, do not hesitate to involve the teams in selecting the activities to be carried out .

Even more, start from the place of the team-building to develop the whole concept of the event. For example, we make you discover the Bassin d’Arcachon by programming typical activities. Windsurfing, cycling, treasure hunt in the winter town, yoga on the beach… Depending on the season, our recommendations vary so that you can enjoy the undeniable charm of Arcachon in spring and autumn.