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Preparing for your season to come to the Bassin d’Arcachon

The Bassin d’Arcachon is a place very popular with tourists, both in season and in winter. Its pleasant climate allows you to enjoy the beach, days full of sunshine. February is the ideal time to start preparing for your summer vacation. At this time of year, there are still enough choices to prepare for your next departure, and to find accommodation close to all amenities.

Summer, how to prepare?

Before coming to the Bassin d’Arcachon, you must take into account the season of your visit. If you come in spring, the temperatures are mild, but the sun is pleasant and allows you to stroll through the streets of Arcachon without wearing a jacket or sweater. Sunglasses can also be part of the stay, to better admire the landscape during outings on foot or by bike.

In terms of the choice of accommodation, the rates remain affordable, not being yet in the high season. You can then choose a well-located establishment to take full advantage of your stay in the spring season. Why not book your room at Hotel Point France? Our establishment is located on the beach, on the very front line. You then have your feet in the water as soon as you leave your room with a view of the Bassin d’Arcachon.

We are doing everything we can to guarantee you an unforgettable trip , in compliance with health measures. If we do not impose the mask within our establishment, we still make sure to observe many measures. Rigorous cleaning of the establishment, disinfection of public places, installation of hydro-alcoholic gel dispensers… Your comfort is our priority!

Summer in Arcachon, or rather the off season?

Summer in Arcachon is often the most popular season. Indeed, many reservations, because families are often on vacation during the months of July and August, and leave with their families. This period also marks higher prices, corresponding to the high season. The offer is rarer there, but the higher temperatures, more conducive to swimming.

However, some people prefer to wait until after the summer vacation to come on vacation. This is called the late season. The temperatures are better than in the spring, perhaps a little milder than in the middle of summer, and the hotel offer more accessible. Thus, many people without children, who can take their summer holidays at a later date, choose to leave once the long holidays are over. This alternative allows you to take full advantage of all the activities and the season, with fewer people. It is also the ideal period to organize a professional seminar, to mark the return to school, the resumption.

For your professional needs, do not hesitate to call on the Hotel Point France. In addition to having rooms for your employees, we can also assist you in organizing your seminar at the Palais des Congrès, which is located near the Hotel.