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The History of Arcachon

Arcachon is a city that we really appreciate. Indeed, this is where we have chosen to set up our establishment, the Hôtel Point France .. Un **** hotel ideally located on the beach. From your room, you can admire the sunset, or enjoy a good glass of fruit juice on our terrace. Enjoy with a breathtaking view of the Cabanes Tchanquées, the Jetée Thiers and the Jetée d’Eyrac. We receive you for your holidays, your stays with family, friends and guarantee you a comfortable and relaxing moment. Our team is waiting for you! But do you know Arcachon?

Arcachon, a renowned seaside resort town

Appreciated in summer by many tourists from all over the world, Arcachon is a popular seaside resort. This city has existed as such since 1857!

It lives mainly during the summer, when hotels, restaurants and tourism professionals are very busy. Arcachon beach and its “Promenade des Anglais” are the busiest places. It is pleasant to preturn the sun or bathe throughout the day. Nearby, the Jetée Thiers ensures the departures and arrivals of tourist boats offering a tour of the Bassin d’Arcachon.

There are also shuttle boats that connect Arcachon to the town of Lège Cap-Ferret, north of the Basin. There is a particularity specific to Arcachon in relation to its districts. Indeed, there are four districts which each have a seasonal name! The Winter Town is the first to emerge , and is renowned for the beauty of its houses . Villas in various architectural styles, which belong to wealthy families. It is famous for the Mauresque Park, where a Casino had been erected. ifit no longer exists today, however a model is still in the park). It was soon joined by the cities of Summer, Spring and Autumn. Take a tour of these neighborhoods to discover their styles and atmospheres!

Seaside and seafood

Arcachon is also known for its oyster beds. Oyster farming is a very present profession here, as well as the fishermen who offer fish and many seafood. Dishes that are found on the plates of Arcachon restaurants thereafter.

If you like this environment, you can go to the ports of the surrounding towns . They are lined with small fishermen’s huts of all colors, where oyster farmers work or store their tools. The city market also offers a wide choice of fish, seafood and local productions. During the summer, the restaurants also offer you varieties of mussels with various sauces, according to your desires. On the Bassin d’Arcachon, seafood and fish are in the spotlight, to delight all taste buds! Do not panic if you don’t like seafood, the restaurants also offer meat and salads !

As you will have understood, the city of Arcachon has many facets . A rich history and magnificent buildings in various architectural styles. Stroll through the streets and enjoy the air of the Bassin!