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Visit Arcachon when it rains

The month of March often gives way to showers, so you are probably wondering what to do in Arcachon when it rains ? Indeed, if the climate is rather mild all year round in Arcachon , the weather can sometimes play tricks on us. In March, expect regular showers. However, the rain will soon give way to spring and the gentle rays of the sun. It is true that when it rains a walk on the beach of Arcachon , is perhaps not the most suitable activity. Nevertheless, the brave from the north of the country will perhaps venture there willingly by putting on their rain boots . And for those who are not attracted to outdoor activities in Arcachon when it rains , the town and its surroundings are full of activities to do under cover.

Discover the culture in Arcachon when it rains

It is quite possible to visit Arcachon when it rains without suffering from the weather . Indeed, Arcachon has cultural places to visit. The first is for history buffs, this is Bunker 502 . The Bunker is a remnant of World War II. It was discovered recently during work. It has thus been restored and opened to the public who can now visit it all year round.

A scenography has been set up to accompany visitors in the discovery of the place. From October to March the opening hours are Monday to Friday from 9 am to 12.15 pm and from 1 pm to 5.15 pm and on Saturday from 9 am to 12.15 pm and from 1 pm to 5.15 pm. The adult price is only two euros, for children under 10 the entrance is free. Its entrance is in the MA.AT in the heart of Arcachon .

Also take the time to discover the MA.AT, it is a living space open to everyone. It offers various activities and services for all ages. In addition, it offers an event program that is part of an environmental awareness process. Formerly it was also possible to go to the Aquarium of Arcachon . It is the oldest Aquarium in France and it is also the first observatory of marine life for more than a century. However, the place sees the passing years and needs renovations to show a new face to the public. A call for donations is launched to contribute to the rebirth of the Museum-Aquarium of Arcachon .

Visiting Arcachon when it rains allows you to discover splendid landscapes

Take advantage of the leisure activities offered by Arcachon and its surroundings

It’s a shame to feel frustrated by the weather when it’s not kind. However, there are also many leisure activities to do in and around Arcachon when it rains . For lunch or dinner, indulge yourself in one of the many restaurants in Arcachon , take the time to treat yourself to delicious comfort food. A few meters from the Hotel Point France in Arcachon , the seafront is full of restaurants . Following, it is also possible to go to the cinema of Arcachon to be entertained comfortably with film programming of all genres. Finally, you can also stroll through the salons of the Hôtel Point France , after all, holidays or weekends in Arcachon are well suited for this.