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Where to organize a business seminar?

Knowing where to organize a business seminar is often a headache. On the occasion of these corporate events, the entrepreneur or manager generally wants to think outside the box, to take to the open sea. And he’s right ! This is an opportunity to get away from the office or to find an original format to bring together your teams working remotely. To organize a business seminar worthy of the name, let’s forget the sterile meeting rooms in town. On the contrary, let’s think big by making its business seminars the opportunity to create privileged moments with its teams, the time of 2 days, away from everyday life. This is the experience offered by Hotel Point France in Arcachon, less than an hour from Bordeaux and less than three hours by train from Paris. A business seminar by the sea to give free rein to creativity.

Business seminar by the sea

Organizing a business seminar is never just an opportunity to work. On the contrary, it is a moment of reunion, outside the classic agenda of working days. Generally, a seminar is thematic. It brings together part of the company’s workforce to address a specific subject. It therefore responds to a particular objective: to reunite the team, to strengthen the corporate culture, to bring out new projects… Also, to achieve this, you might as well propose a specific program to this event. And provide its employees with a memorable experience. Inevitably, choosing where to organize your business seminar is therefore of paramount importance.

Among the favorite places for seminars for employees, a stay by the sea often wins the vote. For good reason, the work session then takes on a holiday air. It is also an opportunity to come and add leisure activities to work sessions that do not exist in town, next to the company’s premises. You might as well spread the working time over two days rather than concentrating it on a single day. This way, you have time to organize team-building activities, restaurant meals and a party to complete the experience.


Organize in Arcachon with Hotel Point France

As for business seminars by the sea, Hôtel Point France in Arcachon is very strong. Specialized in welcoming small groups of up to twenty people, it allows its business clientele to benefit from privileged partnerships with surrounding companies, for a tailor-made stay with little onions. A stone’s throw from Arcachon train station and the Palais des Congrès, directly on the seafront, in the heart of the summer town, it enjoys a remarkable location that makes all the difference. So you no longer need to wonder where to organize your business seminar.

Even more than a 4-star accommodation with a sea air with an immediate view of the beach, the Hotel Point France relies on the best professionals to offer exceptional business and leisure services. Thus, for the work sessions of the seminar, it provides the company with VIP access to Startway, a neighboring third place of high standing designed for collaborative work.

On the leisure side, its customers benefit from its long-standing relationships with boatmen for sea trips by sailboat, pinnace or yacht; a guide specializing in eco-tourism to discover the treasures to be preserved in the Arcachon Basin; a bicycle rental company and VAE to organize walks in the city; sports coaches to organize team-building sessions, on the beach for example or in the forest; the best restaurants in Arcachon on the seafront or nestled in the winter town; the Casino for memorable evenings, games and shows; oyster producers for a tasting of Arcachonnaise oysters; as well as an infinity of other possibilities to concoct tailor-made and perfectly inimitable business seminars.