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Sustainable tourism at the Hotel Point France

Since its creation, Hotel Point France has made it a point of honor to satisfy the needs of its customers while respecting the environment in which it is located. Indeed, Hotel Point France enjoys an exceptional natural setting; the Bassin d’Arcachon. The Bassin d’Arcachon attracts many tourists every year who come to relax there. It is a true haven of peace which offers a moment of plenitude, vacation time. For the Hotel, tourism in Arcachon must be sustainable in order to create a dynamism that respects several social, economic and environmental issues.

Sustainable tourism in Arcachon a practice that makes sense

Sustainable tourism is an approach in which tourism stakeholders take part. To do this, each of them can choose to integrate sustainable development solutions and principles into their operations. At the same time, if the actors make decisions that go in the direction of sustainable tourism, tourists must also take part in the project. As part of sustainable tourism, travelers need to rethink the way they travel. In particular, they can adopt more responsible behavior in their mobility, for example. In order to get around, they can opt in particular for bike rental.

In Arcachon, there are several bike rental companies that offer offers adapted to meet the needs of tourists. A stone’s throw from the Hotel is the DINGOVELOS bike rental company. It offers the rental of several types of bicycles by the day or even by the week. At the same time, travelers can choose to consume local products.

To have fun, the seafront offers many restaurants that offer seafood and fish caught in the Bassin d’Arcachon . Do not miss an oyster tasting. Indeed, oyster farming is part of the local heritage and oysters are one of the essential gastronomic specialties in Arcachon.

Hotel Point France is committed to promoting the Bassin d’Arcachon in the best possible way.

The World Tourism Organization defines and frames the practice of sustainable tourism. For example, sustainable tourism must exploit the resources of the environment while preserving essential ecological processes. It must also respect local communities and respect traditions in order to create intercultural understanding. Taking part in sustainable tourism is done over the long term with daily actions.

Hotel Point France is committed to this. Indeed, the Hotel has decided to ban the use of paper for all its communication media. Now the information brochures are digital. In addition, for breakfast, Hotel Point France chooses to offer only fresh, organic and local products. The Hotel sources its supplies from trusted suppliers to offer the best to its customers. Finally, Hotel Point France undertakes to offer quality references to its customers to discover the region while respecting it. Do not hesitate to ask for advice when you arrive at the Hotel to find artisans, restaurateurs or organic and local traders.